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Hived Music

We introduced a microservice-based architecture to enhance Veed Networks, a social commerce platform designed to empower the cannabis community.We provided Hived Music with the capability to effortlessly integrate additional services through micro frontends, making it simple to add new features to the platform.In the ever-expanding world of cannabis, Hived Music conducted a harmonious symphony, and Cidroy Technology added the magic notes, creating a platform that empowers the cannabis community and elevates cannabis-based businesses.

Social Commerce Platform
E-commerce Solution
Community Empowerment
Hived Music
Social Commerce Music Industry
Microservices Architecture E-commerce Solutions
Microservices Revolution
Social Commerce Transformation
Community Empowerment
Enhanced User Experience
Over-the-Top Functionality
Accessibility to Cannabis Products
Frontend Delivery E-commerce Solutions Production-Ready Platform Community Empowerment Microservices Architecture User Experience