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Starlight Principles:

The Guiding Force in Our DNA


Our engineering DNA thrives on simplifying complexities, making life and technology seamlessly coexist


Innovation is more than a trait. We don't just solve problems; we redefine them with out-of-the-box thinking.

Digital Transformation

In a world where change is constant, Adaptability is our forte and randomness becomes a symphony of opportunities.

Agile Alchemy

Agility is our rhythm. We infuse the spirit of agility into every process, turning routines into a dynamic symphony.

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Cidroy's Journey from Setbacks to Solutions

Pivots to Products

The Genesis of Cidroy

In the digital dawn,a group of young engineering visionaries embarked on a journey named Cidroy, fueled by passion and a zest for problem-solving.

Weathering the Storm

Just as their physical fitness and Gym solutions faced a tempest named Covid, the resilient crew refused to surrender, pivoting towards digital solutions.

The Pivot

This resilient crew, armed with both problem-solving prowess and product-building wizardry, pivoted their course to the virtual realm.

Nurturing Innovation

Nurturing small teams to birth grand projects,With the inception of internal gems like Fitness Konnect and Calytics, they embarked on a mission to digitize and innovate, successfully productizing services.

The story of Cidroy is an ongoing odyssey, still being penned with strokes of simplicity and innovation.

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Nations and Beyond
Lives Impacted

Our Work Ethos

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike. Our focus extends beyond technology, emphasizing the profound influence we can have on the lives of people and the betterment of communities.
Beyond business, we aspire to make a positive mark on the world through our services and products. Whether at the organizational level or on a global scale, we are driven by a vision to create meaningful change
Our pursuit of excellence is paralleled by a foundation of integrity that forms the bedrock of trust and builds lasting connections.We believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity and fostering a loyal relationship with our clients.
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