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At Cidroy, we live the philosophy of connected world and connected experiences. We help top organizations stay competitive, win new markets & leveraging the full potential of the latest disruptive technologies thereby thriving on the change that is powered by an intelligent connect between technology and humans.

We are fast in curating, smart in managing & subtle in delivering your precious digital idea.

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The Proof of Concept

Unlike the present industry practices, Our approach towards projects is different, once we get to know your requirements, we provide you with a proof of concept document that specifies how an idea can be brought to reality and you will only have to pay if you are choosing us to develop the product.

Minimum Viable Product

For projects that are at a stage wherein a minimum viable product is required by the client for testing out the viability of the product in the market and also the product to market fit. For such prospects we come up with a fast forward MVP development plan that makes sure that the MVP is released at the earliest and at an affordable price point.

The best design for your business

We follow a well tested designing process for developing any application, let us know about your business and your customers and we will provide you with a design theme and ideas that fits your needs and pay only if you like the design theme and follow the full design process.

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Cidroy was founded in the year 2017. The company was built on a belief that not only we will solve other people's problem but also introduce state of the art tech and management solutions to revolutionalize their own business. It all started when we decided to solve technical and management related problems in the community, ranging from small scale startups to giant companies.





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