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About Us

Our works are built upon a bedrock of research and proven methodology. Our core skills focus on providing IT Solutions for Modern world.

At Cidroy, our love for innovation drives who we are and what we do every day.

Cidroy was founded in the year 2017. The company was built on a belief that not only we will solve other people's problem but also introduce state of the art tech and management solutions to revolutionalize their own business.

It all started when we decided to solve technical and management related problems in the community, ranging from small scale startups to giant companies.


We create strong business and bring them to life with well-executed marketing activities.

Software Development & Maintenance

We understand the requirements of custom software development and we hold expertise in offering maintenance / support & generating business value, so that we remain client’s partner of choice for software development, helping them make smart business moves.

Website Design & Branding

We provide professional website designing and website development services, ecommerce website, web application and also mobile app development. We specialize in converting your thoughts into high quality websites.

IT Consultation

We help to grow your business by understanding what matters most to your customers. Our products and solutions provide a deep understanding of what drives future behavior of your customers.

IT Solutions

Our team of highly skilled professionals are experienced in almost all hardware solutions and operating systems like Windows, Linux and many more and other services.

Security Solutions

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Digital Marketing

We focus on the vision of our clients and deliver excellent corporate branding solutions that will give your business a better recognition and create a compelling impression in the customer’s mind.

Why choose us?

Innovation . Solution . Vision

Innovation on it's way

We believe in transforming concepts into innovations. Our team is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations by being proactive, effective, and efficient in what we do. We work with accuracy and strive for flawless on-site execution by setting exceptionally high standards for ourselves and the clients we work with.

Your Problems,Our Solutions

In this fast moving world we often face many problems for which we never find proper solutions. We help our clients slow down and relax for a while and look back where they went wrong and provide them with easy solutions.

We see things differently

With a deep understanding of our clients, we tackle problems from every angle. We dissect them word by word. All to get a solution and we'll do whatever it takes to find a solution.






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